Boquillas Canyon

Canoeing and rafting down the Rio Grande through Boquillas Canyon.

The entrance into Boquillas Canyon

The third time that I floated the Rio Grande River through Boquillas Canyon, things went more smoothly. Since that was my first time to lead an actual group into the backcountry, that seemingly simple fact was especially good. There were twelve of us on that particular trip, paddling two per aluminum canoe. We made the 33-mile excursion down the Rio Grande on the east side of Big Bend National Park over three days, with two nights spent camping out along the way, only one simple “getting knocked out of the canoe” situation, and a straightforward vehicle shuttle at the end. Mostly, all we did was to go with the flow, gaze out at the mighty Sierra del Carmen mountains rising above us off to the southeast in Mexico, and ponder the magnificence and complexities of the humongous cliff walls which engulfed us much of the time.

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