This is a collection of my outdoor adventure stories. They are essentially true, although I make no guarantees. Sure, adventures happen everywhere and they can happen anywhere, but the ones included here involve the outdoors in some way.

For whatever it’s worth, for years I was involved in all sorts of outdoor adventures at levels ranging from unwitting participant to adventure company owner. Once I began trying to market my business to the world at large, I discovered that a lot of people first just wanted a simple definition of adventure, and I was never satisfied with what came out of my mouth. Ever since, I’ve been trying to come up with one that’s concise and doesn’t allude to dangerous activities or superhuman endeavors. I haven’t come up with one yet and realized that perhaps I never will. As far as I’m concerned, there just may be more to the idea of adventure than a few short words can describe or explain.

Hopefully, these stories will inspire you in some way to experience more of your own adventure. If you’re reading this, more than likely you’re not physically outdoors in an outdoor adventure place at the moment, although hopefully with this, you can kinda be.

So, take a break from your daily grind. Lean back against a tree, stare into a campfire, follow a road that isn’t on the map, take a breather, see a whole wild world stretch out before you from a mountain top, hear the rain pounding on the tent as you drift off to sleep. Wonder, dream, ponder…….

Be inspired and then go out and inspire others to take a step forward down some unknown trail!

How this works

As mentioned, this is a collection or compilation of adventure stories. Within many of the stories, you’ll find both interesting insights and practical information about adventure locations and specific adventure sports or activities. To that end, there’s a link page (called “Adventure Recommendations”), that contains links to sites I can personally vouch for, which can be accessed from specific stories by clicking on the photographs attached to each story .

And so….. read about, dream of and prepare for– your own Outdoor Adventure

The essence of outdoor adventure
Climbers descending Huayna Potosi