Problems in Need of Solutions


Pondering the route

No sail for the wind,
Or rock to ascend.

No birds in the sky,
Or reasons to cry.

No bike for the trail,
Or mountain to scale.

No sun for the day,
Or words yet to say.

No cold for the heat,
Or dance for the beat.

No fly for the trout,
Or sense in the route.

No skis for the snow,
Or mystery to know.

No tent for the night,
Or rope to keep tight.

No found for the lost,
Or gain to the cost.

No coat for the storm,
Or way to stay warm.

No boat for the river,
Or stop to the shiver.

No pack for the stuff,
Or smooth for the rough.

No elk for the wallow,
Or pathways to follow,

No skates for the ice,
Or bowl for the rice.

No cool for the hot,
Or stove for the pot.

No tent for the rain,
Or gain for the pain.

No boots for the feet,
Or snacks left to eat.

No water for the drink,
Or reasons to think.

No gloves for the hands,
Or wild in the lands.

No parks for the town,
Or trails to walk down.

No socks for the feet,
Or strangers to meet.

No summits to reach,
No moments that teach.
No ring in the bell,
No story to tell.


Audio Version:

Descending into a valley in Bolivia.

Author: David Appleton

I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in the Texas Hill Country, spent some 30 years living in the smack dab middle of Colorado, and have spent a lifetime adventuring and leading others on adventures in many parts of the wild world.

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