Climbing Simple


Rock Climbing

Go up the rock,
The climb is sweet.
It’s best to mostly
Use your feet.

Don’t complicate
The moves you make,
Because if you do
You’ll likely shake.

Your free to use
All cracks and nubs,
And if you must,
Include the shrubs.

Focus on
What’s just above.
Make that mostly what
You’re thinking of.

But do be wary
Of what you hold,
Be sure it’s solid
And good as gold.

Just don’t hug
The rock too tight,
Cause if you do
You’ll take a flight.

Take advantage of stand-on ledges,
Solid flakes, and all nearby faces.
Go with the flow and use what happens
Gladly embrace all that graces.

Climbing simple
Is sometimes best.
Especially if
The view’s your quest.


Audio Version:

Using the rope

Author: David Appleton

I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in the Texas Hill Country, spent some 30 years living in the smack dab middle of Colorado, and have spent a lifetime adventuring and leading others on adventures in many parts of the wild world.

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