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The names of places……

Climb VOM
Valley of the Monks, Copper Canyon

The various names that are attached to places are intriguing. Some are obvious since they either reflect a physical characteristic or commemorate an individual of importance. But, others not quite so. Many place names tell a story in a few short words—some less straightforward than others, but each worthy of knowing. Here’s a few such stories that I’ve heard. Listen, and maybe you will, too………………..

Tarryall Mountains, Corcovado, Yellowstone, Copper Canyon, Mosquito Range, The Silver Trail, Turret Dome, Porcupine Rim, Crestone Needle, Wild Iris, Golden Lake, Rio Grande River, The Monarch Crest, Turkey Rocks, Bison Peak, Lost Creek, Salt Creek, Arch Rock, South Platte, Cirque of the Towers, Satevo, Lonesome Lake, X Rock, The Diamond, Puke Loop, Hell Canyon, Boquillas Canyon, Spotted Bear River, Tres Piedras, Lost Park, Elk Tooth, Second Creek, Bald Mountain, Popo Agie River, Shelf Road, Rampart Reservoir, Feral Petunia, The Meatgrinder, Batopilas, Enchanted Rock, Badger Mountain, Puma Hills, Big Bend, Jacob’s Ladder, The Ruth Gorge, The Portal, Pigne de Arolla, Vedauwoo, Midland Trail, Shelf Road, Mt. Borah, Panorama Point, Huayna Potosi, Kahiltna Glacier, Puke Loop, The South Rim, Pilares, Sajama, Napo River.

The Big Island, Pie de la Cuesta, Osa Peninsula, Aconcagua, Humphreys Peak, Spruce Grove, Bob Marshall Wilderness, The Thorofare, Grand Teton, Maderas del Carmen, The Kessel Run, Palo Duro Canyon, Farnum Peak, The Wind River, Exum Ridge, The Miroir d’Argentine, Cusarare, Eleven Mile Canyon, Rainbow Trail, McCurdy Mountain, Gold Dust Trail, Kenosha Mountains, Black Powder Pass, The Thermometer, Rio Conchos, Bullseye, Mt. Elbert, Mt. Alice, Paradise Park, Wally and the Beav, Lincoln Falls, Creel, Twin Eagles, Twin Owls, Polish Glacier, Monteverde, Valley of the Chickens, Boreas Pass, Poison Spider, The Lighthouse, Packer Gulch, South Park, Ypsilon, Indian Peaks, Rocky Hill Ranch, Lizard Head, McCurdy Park, Marmot Peak.

Ice Lakes, The Three Apostles, Mt. Meeker, The Guide’s Route, Huajochi, Ancohuma, Kananaskis, Second Creek, Big Sandy Divide, Boundary Peak, The Grand Teton, Cotopaxi, Isla del Sol, The Staircase, No Name, Not My Cross to Bear, Arkansas River, Sand Creek, X Rock, Mt. Whitney, El Rito, Otavalo, Basaseachic Falls, Condoriri, Don Sheldon Mountain House, Behind the Rocks, Book Cliffs, Teboreachic, McCurdy Mountain, Valley of the Churches, Gannet Peak, Banos, French Gulch, Palomas, King’s Peak, Cro-Magnon Dome, El Alto, Choro Trail, Yungas, Golfito, The Dream Stream, Hallett Peak, The Crestone Needle, Taylor Glacier, Bradley Peak, La Herradura, Georgia Pass, King’s Canyon, Wheeler Peak, Waipio Valley, Eldo, Fisher Ranch, Garmin Peak, Brown’s Canyon, Happy Meadows, Penitente, Flathead River, Mt. Hunter, Wheeler Lake, Quandary Peak, Sanford Park, The Foothills Trail, The Staircase, Dickinson Park, Dolly Varden Creek, Fremont Canyon, Lincoln Falls, Noragachi, Andrews Glacier.

Mariscal Canyon, Cross Hill, Ute Trail, Deep Creek Lakes, The Mine, La Linda, Guadalupe River, Lunch Rock, B1, Turner Gulch, Georgia Pass, Lost Creek Wilderness, Guadalupe Peak, Sirena, Popo Agie Falls, Lake Titicaca, Mitchell Peak, La Laja, Weston Peak, Golden Lake, The Y Couloir, Wind River Peak, Sisoguichi, La Bufa, Ute Creek, The Keyhole, Fitzpatrick Wilderness, Brown’s Canyon, Amasa Back, Bison Peak, Horse Gulch, Sinks Canyon, Hueco Tanks, Captain America, Eleven Mile Dome, Turkey Perch, Jefferson Creek Trail, Mt. Guyot, Waimanu Valley, La Bufa, Horca del la Inca, Sorata, Oriente, Lamar River, Badger Mountain, Plaza de las Mulas, McHenrys Peak, Lumpy Ridge, Lost Mine Peak, Buffalo Peaks, Ruth Ampitheater, Cordillera Real, Norogachi, Tena, Topaz Mountain, Pine Canyon, Dome Rock, Coroico, Mt. Silverheels, Cerro Potosi’, Ellingwood Arete, Pinto Park Lake, Stough Creek, Urique, Slick Rock, Wind River Range, Horseshoe Mountain, The Estrella.

Descending into a valley in Bolivia.



Author: David Appleton

I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in the Texas Hill Country, spent some 30 years living in the smack dab middle of Colorado, and have spent a lifetime adventuring and leading others on adventures in many parts of the wild world.

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